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Although some people think short haired dogs don’t need grooming it is good for them to have a bath as it helps prevent skin problems. It also helps remove any dead hair, undercoat and grease that builds up on their coat.

Grooming is vital for long haired coats as it helps prevent matting. If your dog becomes matted it is critical that you get it groomed as matts can be painful for the dog and can cause skin problems.

We recommend our Dappa Dogs to be groomed between 6-8 weeks (this is for most long haired breeds).

We highly advice against double coat breeds being clipped as it ruins the coat and grows back thicker. (Golden Retriever's, Labradors, Border Collies, German Shepard's, Bearded Collies)

A dogs coat prevents them getting cold in the winter as the top coat is water resistant which leaves the under coat and skin warm and dry.

It is a myth that the less hair they have the cooler they will be as their skin remains cool by trapping the air into the coat. They sweat from their pads and from panting.

 At Dappa Dogs we tailor the shampoo and conditioner to the dogs coat/ skin type. By using a good shampoo it doesn’t strip out the natural oils within your dogs coat. 

We recommend owners regularly wash their dogs collars/ harness and beds as often as they can to prevent any infestations and this can help reduce any doggie odours. 

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